What We Believe


We believe in one God, the Creator and Sustainer of everything created. God has existed from eternity past in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


We believe Jesus is the Son of God. We believe that in his death and resurrection, Jesus, being fully human and fully divine, provided the means of our salvation from sin and death.

The Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is equally divine with the Father and the Son. We believe the Holy Spirit is given to every believer in Jesus as God's promise and seal of salvation. We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers and enlightens us so that we might follow Jesus more fully.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is God's written revelation to humanity and as such is true in it's revelation of God and God's character. The individual books in the Bible were written by human beings under the leadership of God, through the Holy Spririt. The Bible is the ultimate authority on matters of faith and practice. As God's dynamic revelation, the Bible demands our constant interpretation.


Salvation is a gift from God, available to all, given by grace alone through faith alone. Salvation is made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Salvation is experienced in the present and future life.