Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Leading ordinary people to discover extraordinary life in Jesus Christ.


Our Values:

Loving Our Neighbor: Demontrated by serving and caring for the people of Electra, both inside and outside of the church, with the purpose of showing God's love and inviting them to discover more about God.

Building the Body: Demonstrated by giving people the opportunity to hear the message of the gospel and integrate biblical truth into their lives, through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, preaching, and worship.

Living with Open Hands: Demonstrated by living and promoting a generous lifestyle, recognizing that we are stewards of God's gracious gifts.

Our Strategy:

Reach: Strategic Outreach

Belong: Age Specific Ministries

Grow: Corporate Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, Personal Spiritual Disciplines

Our Measures: 

Empty Ourselves: We will intentionally empty ourselves of the sinful actions and attitudes that cause division between ourselves and God, and ourselves and others.

Fill Up On God: We will intentionally maintain the private and corporate spiritual disciplines that allow us to fill our hearts and minds on the things of God.

Overflow to Others: We will intentionally engage those around us with the love and message of Jesus as they overflow out of our lives. 

Our Vision:

50-by-5: We want to see 50 spiritual decisions over the next five years.

50 Points of Strategic Outreach: We want to engage in 50 points of strategic outreach over the next 5 years.

Increase Discipleship Participation by 50%: We want to see a 50% increase in small group Bible study participation over the next 5 years.